Coaching is all about what you want in the here and now and putting goals in to place to move forward. It is about addressing the barriers and challenges to current goals and where you want to be in life. Coaching is about exploring who you are in the here and now, creating goals that are in alignment with who you are now, addressing challenges and barriers to those goals, and creating a plan to achieve them. Coaching is perfect for the client who has completed therapy and is looking to continue to build on goals. It is also perfect for the client who wants to work through current barriers and challenges to live their very best life, the life they deserve. Coaching with Jess allows you the space to explore, be curious, about the steps needed to take to have the life you desire and deserve.  



  • Task oriented goals

  • Focus on the how

  • Introduces systems to help with the logistics of a behavior

  • Future focused work only 

  • Works alongside the client as a partner

  • Often works with a client for 3 months or longer

  • Emotion oriented goals

  • Focus on the why

  • Introduces techniques to help with the emotions behind a behavior

  • Can be past-, present-, or future- oriented work 

  • Can diagnose mental health conditions and disorders