Nothing To It But To Do It!
Self Work

Self Work services are all about helping your journey to be the person you were created to be, to reach the dreams and goals you aspire to reach. Self work comes in different forms. Self Work with Jess is comprised of Coaching, Brainspotting, the monthly Self Work Box, and the Blog.  Coaching is all about your goals and dreams and finding ways to best way to obtain them while addressing barriers and challenges Brainspotting is a specialized modality to help with those deep seated barriers such as imposter syndrome, anxiety, fear, insecurity, low self esteem, low confidence, and other mental/emotional barriers.  The monthly Self Work Box is a self guided resource filled with prompts and reminders that help to spark curiosity, courage, and greatness.  Self Work Deluxe is a combination of coaching sessions, brainspotting, and the self work box.

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