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Soul Tired? Check Your Energy

Spring is my absolute favorite season. My next favorite would probably be fall mainly because the temperatures are spring like and the colors of fall are some of the most beautiful. Oh but how spring makes me feel so wonderful. I LOVE how everything comes back to life. The sun shines and the color comes back. I feel lighter ,happier, and productive. It is a most beautiful emergence from the hibernation of winter.

Lately I have been feeling tired. Super tired, what I like to call soul tired. When I feel this way I often feel like there isn’t enough sleep in the world that can replenish me. It often happens when there aren’t any fun and exciting things on the horizon to look forward to. It also happens when I find myself doing the same things day in and day out with no changes or variation. Sometimes it happens when I am overwhelmed with no real relief. Recently I learned it happens when I am not engaging with like minded people or spending time with my dreams or visions. So what do we do when we feel soul tired? We go within.

Energy Is A Gift

“Invest your energy into something that is going to contribute to your happiness.

Last year I hired my very first therapist to work in my business to do some contract work. A good therapist friend of mine recommended her and thought she would be a great fit. Little did I know, she would be the person to remind me that we don’t just get energy from working out, eating the right foods, taking vitamins, and getting rest. We get energy from being around people that have good energy, good vibes, and great ideas. When she came on to work with me it was business as usual. We saw clients and we did great work. That is what we do. I was quickly reminded that's not all we do. This year we started meeting bimonthly and at each meeting she came with a new idea. Sadly when she would come with ideas all I would be able to think about was how much more work it would require, which would lead to thinking about how much more tired I would be. I felt bad but I didn’t have it to give. It wasn’t long after our first meeting I heard a snippet about why therapists are so tired from a well known black female therapist in the DMV area. She basically said we are tired because we are doing a lot of things we don’t want to do to make money because we are entrepreneurs and are often functioning out of need. That as a whole word. She also mentioned that the way we energize ourselves is to spend more time focusing our energy on the things we want to do, our visions, and dreams. When I had my next bimonthly meeting with the therapist that works with me, I made it a point not to look at the ideas as a burden or something that would make me tired. I tried a different approach. I thought about what would happen if we set out to do the event or started the group and it was what people needed. How dope would that be? What if we did events around things that really interested me and they were a hit? My thoughts turned from how much work will that be, to how much fun I could have putting that together? The energy started to shift. There are still times I automatically tell myself out of habit that this thing I am embarking on will make me tired. But I catch myself and shift the thought to how much fun it can be to create which is something I truly enjoy and gives me energy. It was funny that when I decided to adopt that way of thinking the Universe started to show up in the way of promoting creative energy. That same therapist in the DMV area hosted a 90 minute Zoom masterclass I signed up for. It was all about honing in on things that excite you to revive your energy. The word vision started to appear in various parts of my day. In my last meeting with the therapist that works with me, I decided to lean into vision, creativity, and energy. It was the best meeting we ever had and I can’t wait to see what we do and to share what we are creating. Creating is as effortless as being for me and I need it but I often don't make time for it. For the first time in a long time I feel energized and excited and genuinely happy and content. I am so excited to share all of the new things to come when the time is right.


“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

How do you replenish your energy? Is it a trip, a talk with a trusted friend, getting out into the

fresh air? What do you do when you are soul tired? What replenishes you? Maybe you are bored with your job or home life. How do you replenish your energy? How do you replenish your soul? As we come into spring it is a great time to think about how we can replenish. Just as the earth comes into newness every spring, we seek ways to revitalize ourselves and come into newness too. I am beyond thankful and grateful for those people in my life who energize me and challenge me. You are the real MVPs.


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