Coaching with Jess

Coaching With Jess is all about exploring and discovering what it is to be your best self. It is about figuring out what it is to make the best choices for yourself, to work through fear and anxiety, and so much more. Often times we stay where we are because we are afraid of what we have to do to get where we want to be, fear or missing out on the life we know, failure, and uncertainty to name a few. Working with a coach can help you to work through those fears and anxieties to stay on track with the goals that will allow you to have the life you desire. 


Accountability is key when setting out to accomplish a goal. It can be easy to get distracted and completely abandon your dream. One of the many benefits of Coaching With Jess is having someone to hold you accountable weekly.

Confidence Building

Confidence can be difficult when thinking of making changes. Imposter syndrome, fear about maintaining, and even fear of failure creep in to create barriers to confidence. I will guide you in building confidence by helping you to gain knowledge and exploring your strengths.

Goal Setting

Clear and concise goals large and small, short term and long term help us to stay on target with the overarching goal. Coaching with Jess will offer a space have intentional sessions with  to work on specific goals help you stay on target.  


Change is difficult without support. Coaching with Jess will provide built in support and also assist you in building your support system. When doing the self work you always need someone in your corner believing in you and reminding you

 "You got this."

Addressing Barriers

Barriers are anything that keep you from the things you want.  Many times in life, barriers that are perceived as large barriers are small hurdles when speaking with someone aloud about them. Coaching with me can help you put barriers into perspective.   

A Safe Space to Explore

Because sometimes fear and shame come as a result of thinking outside of the box you shoot your ideas down before you even give them a chance. Exploration, curiosity, creativity are important parts of you too. Coaching with Jess will offer that safe space for you to explore all of the possibilities free of judgement. 


Self work starts now.  Get in touch to learn more.

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I can't wait to work with you!